MeasMo Photo/Design Product Photography Rates


“Taking the time to invest in quality product imagery for your advertising and website will be a significant factor in helping to drive sales up and convert visitors to your website from browsers to shoppers.”


Isa Maria Seminega


Whether you're looking for a standard white background or something creative you'll love the results...



Catalog Style Product Photography Rates:

Simple flat-rate pricing make our catalog style product photography rates straight-forward and predictable. Below are prices for standard photos on a white or black background, product no larger than 30” on any given side:


  • 1 photo = $40.00
  • 2-5 photos = $35.00 per photo
  • 6-10 photos = $30.00 per photo
  • 11-20 photos = $25.00 per photo
  • 21-50 photos = $20.00 per photo
  • 51-100 photos = $15.00 per photo
  • 101-150 photos = $13.00 per photo
  • 151 or more photos = $12.00 per photo


Here's What’s Included For That Great Price:


  • Photograph of product
  • Retouch to remove minor imperfections
  • Web optimized image @ 75ppi
  • Full resolution image @ 300 dpi
  • Seamless background any color or environmental shot
  • Online review of proof photos
  • Contact catalog sheets (upon request)
  • Instant online delivery of high resolution photos or CD/DVD
  • Online image storage so you can return anytime and download product images
  • Images that are ready for Ecommerce, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.
  • Product preparation and repacking
  • Projects are usually complete 3-4 business days of product arrival
  • Pickup and delivery to local clients
  • Discounted pickup and delivery to clients in our local Tri-state area of NY, NJ, and Pa.



For a complete list of prices for catalog style product photography see below

Contact Us if you have more questions or would like to request our catalog style product photography

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Here's Our Complete Catalog Style Product Photography Price List:


Image cost:

1 photo = $40 per image

2-5 photos = $35 per image

6-10 photos = $30 per image

11-20 photos = $25 per image

21-50 photos = $20 per image

51-100 photos = $15 per image

101-150 photos = $13 per image

151 or more photos = $12 per image

Reflective Items = Contact us for free quote

Note: Multiple photos of the same product are priced separately. For example, if we photograph the front of a product and the back of the same product separately, that is counted as two photos. Since group items are lower priced we will apply the group charge whenever it’s applicable and a better value for the client.


Group cost:

Small Groups (2-3 items) = add $5 per image

Medium Groups (4-8 items) = add $10 per image

Large Groups (9-14 items) = add $20 per image

X-Large Groups (15+ items) = Contact us for free quote

Note: A group shot is an image in which multiple products are pictured at once. Due to lighting concerns, some products might require individual photo shots to accommodate each product's lighting requirements.


Delivery cost:

Return of Products = Charged To Your UPS Account or Billed at Actual Cost

Same Day Rush Service = Contact us for free quote

Next Day Rush Service = add $20 per image

2nd Day Rush Service = add $10 per image

Note: Turnaround (Delivery) time for Rush Services are one or two business days as opposed to the standard three to four business day turnaround time for images. Please contact us first to make sure our schedule will allow Rush Service for your order.

FTP Delivery =$0.15 per MB

Images on Zip disk media = Cost of media

Duplicate CD's =$10 per disk

Files Delivered on CD = $5 per order (Regardless of number of products) when applicable

Note: Images on CD rom media are generally included in per image fee unless otherwise noted


Product Preparation:

Soft goods & Apparel Prep. For Pressing, steaming, ironing, lint removal, etc. = $6 per item when applicable

Product Assembly = $40.00 per hour when applicable

Note: If a significant amount of time is required to assemble or prepare your products prior to the photo shoot; we reserve the right to request a preparation fee or an assembly charge of $40 per hour charged in 15 minute increments. Please note that this does not include time required for us to arrange your products and will only be charged with your approval and in situations where assembly is unexpected or particularly time-consuming, e.g. gift baskets which arrive in separate components, numerous items shipped in pieces due to shipping concerns, etc.


Image Editing:

Clipping Paths = $5.00 per product

Intricate Background Removal (e.g. Chain Link Bracelet) = Contact us for free quote

Web Optimization = $2 per size

Watermarks = $2 per photo

Graphic Design = $60 per hour

Retouching beyond the Basic Level = $60 per hour

Misc. Editing =$60 per hour

Background Effects =$60 per hour

Shadow Effects =$60 per hour

Color Changes =$10-$20 per photo

Editing to add minimal type such as product number = $15 per quarter hour

Group Separations = $10 per photo

Composition =$20 per photo

Image file conversions from RGB to CMYK = Contact us for free quote


Additional Charges:

Location Shoots = Fees also include mileage, tolls, and photographers time. Contact us for free quote

Contact catalog sheets = Included in per image fee

Collages = Contact us for free quote

Customized sets or props per client requirements = Contact us for free quote

Assistant if required = Contact us for free quote

Half Day = $250

Full Day = $500