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Alexis, Katelynn, Kristina, and Helena at the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in the "Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park" crossing over the Hudson River from Highland, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY.
Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0346Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0347Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0350Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0351Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0356Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0357Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0358Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0362Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0366Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0367Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0371Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0372Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0375Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0376Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0377Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0396Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0402Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0403Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0404Alexis and KMB Girls_Jul162015_0405